Monday, December 28, 2009

Reflections around the Holidays

In past years Craig and I have been used to spending Christmas day with just eachother.  With working in claims for a few years I developed, I guess you could call it a fear of traveling on holidays. I dealt with so many awful accidents surrounding traveling on the holidays that I never wanted to take that chance, let alone have family travel to us on holidays and have them risk it.-Paranoid, I know. But in past years it hasn't been that bad because typically my family has a giant family christmas party with all my aunt's, uncles, cousins, etc. and it usually is two weeks or so before Christmas so I am ok with traveling then.  Its great because all of the family lives in Missouri, and every year we change the location. so its either in Kansas City, or St. Louis. Since my parents live in KC and thats only a four hour drive for us, its very easy to go up on Friday and if we have to travel to St. Louis its only a few more hours and so its nice.  We usually use this time with my parents to do Christmas. Since Craig's family all live in Indiana, we typically have to settle on ordering gifts via the internet and having it shipped or giftcards. So with my family we actually get to wrap gifts and give them to eachother.
Well this year we didn't get to do that. Since I am so far along in my pregnancy they did not recommend I travel especially anything over 2 hrs. so we didn't get to go.  Luckily from what my mom said, it really was a disappointment this year and because of poor planning a lot of the family didn't get to make it, so althought that is sad it makes me happy, that the one I miss is the "crappy" one.
Nonetheless not having a family Christmas party to attend this year made everything feel empty. Craig and I really like spending time alone on Christmas but at the same time not having a Christmas party really made me think.  It made me realize that times like this it sucks not having family close. Although my parents have already said that from now on they will come down for Christmas because of the twins and they want to be there for them, it just makes me sad that our kids wont have a lot of interaction outside of the holidays with family, especially Craig's side. I wonder what is in store in the years to come in regards to his family.  I am not overally concerned about his dad because he comes out to visit roughly twice a year.  Since he is retired he can come out more if he decides, but for one person driving 12 hrs can take a toll on your body.  And yes I know what you all are thinking, there are other ways to travel that wouldn't take as long but long story short he will only drive. But his sister and her family is what I wonder.  Times like this I wish we had bigger families with his sister being the only sibling and her only have one child, our twins only have one cousin that they will rarely see since. Luckily we have an adoptive family that have two girls, 6 and 3 and a 6 month old boy, and they have a lot in common with us, so we plan on taking family trips with them, and that will give the twins more children and family.  My brother is younger and isn't married, so there is no rush at all for him to start a family, so there isn't much additional family on my side.   The twins seeing their cousin is my biggest obstacle, since we normally go to Indiana once a year for a week they would have time then, but the next two years it will be tough because Craig only has so many vacation days as well as I and we need to take an actual vacation just Craig and I which we haven't done since we got married, so we have that planned for 2010 and then in 2011 is our 5 year anniversary and Craig's best friends wedding that he is a part of so that takes a lot of vacation time as well. so as of right now it looks like the first time we will be able to go to Indiana isn't until 2012 and our twins will be 2 years old then. I know they wont remeber much before then, but its the principle of seeing family that bothers me.
Ok I am sorry to ramble, but I just wanted to get it off my chest, because holidays always make you think of family and its just sad to me.
On a more positive note I cant believe 2009 is coming to an end, it has been a wonderful and eventful year with 2010 bound to be a huge adventure and an important chapter of our lives.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a great New Year, with many blessings for 2010.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

White Christmas

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. It was actually a white Christmas, which was amazing! To Craig and I it was comical because Christmas Eve we actually had a blizzard warning.  For most that doesn't seem like a big deal but apparently this was only the second time they have had a blizzard warning in Tulsa. So you would think that this was going to be feet upon feet of snow, well not exactly.... Tulsa only averaged 5.4" of snow-hahahaha. Broken Arrow actually got 8", which was awesome. The only bad part about it was most of the day Wednesday it rained, then Thursday it rained and turned to sleet and by roughly 4 it finally started to snow.
We went to our church's first Christmas Eve service. It was great, yeah it was a little nerve raking getting out in the weather but it was nice going to service.  Craig had to help several people get unstuck from the parking lot, but it was fun.
What also made the snow so great was that Royce got to enjoy it. Growing up in Indiana he loved playing in the snow, and now being in Oklahoma that is rare so when we got home, he went crazy and had a blast playing in the snow. Cooper on the other hand, he was born and raised in Oklahoma and so he doesn't like the snow, even with his jacket on.  Here are a few photos of the snow and out house Christmas Eve and Day.

Our front door, before the drifts came.

We have lights surrounding our flower bed rocks. The snow covering them was pretty cool.

Here's the house, before it got too bad. It is really exciting, this year our house actually looked like Christmas with the snow.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Baby Update

So today I was a little nervous because we hard our multiples specialist Dr. appt. This usually isn't anything special, since I have only had to go to him twice during my pregnancy but this appt was a little different, I would really get a good idea of how big the twins were and how far along I really was, if he thought I would go early.
Well today went very well. Caysen is weighing 5 lbs even and Price is 5 lbs 2 ounces, and they are actually right on track for a single pregnancy, in so many words that means I have big babies. Which is a great thing, but at the same time not so good because twin pregnancies cant handle as much baby weight and go early. So I asked the pressing question, what his prediction was of when I would go.  He said since my placentas looked good and were handling the weight so far very well that he figured I may go right at 37 weeks. Hopefully in the next couple weeks I can stay off my feet and go to my scheduled date or atleast wait till the weekend before, when my parents will be here again.
But all in all I cannot complain, everything is going extremely well.

Monday, December 21, 2009

One month to go

Tomorrow will be exactly 4 weeks to go before my C-section.  I am starting to get excited but a little nervous for the unknown before then.  I treat a C-section like a surgery and with surgery my thinking is, when the date comes that is when you get it done. But when it comes to having a baby its slightly different, you dont have complete control-the babies do.  Thats the frightening part of it all. I just hate having to be on edge trying to really be intune with my body to make sure I am not going into labor.
I know with twins everyone says, you get that "I'm ready to be done feeling" a lot faster-like at 30 weeks, but I never had that and I am thankful.
With a month to go its really made me start to reflect on my experience being pregnant. This pregnancy has really been very easy, really no complaints.  Of course the going to the bathroom more often is slightly annoying, but pregnant or not, if you have to wake up from a good sleep to go to the bathroom, I think everyone would be a little annoyed. I think the the only thing I really cant get used to and drives me crazy is the lack of physical energy.  At the beginning of the pregnancy you are tired, and all you want to do is sleep, but your body will still allow you to do everything you want to do.  Now I am not as tired but things take me longer to do and I have to take more breaks and naps.  Of course me being stubborn like I am, I try to fight through the physical exhaustion, but I have learned thats not smart.  Just a note to everyone... if you ignore your bodies signs of being tired contractions are bound to come-and that sucks. So I have learned to listen to my body and rest. but it really frusterates me when I have what I thought to be a small to do list and yet at the end of the day I only get half of them done!!!!
Just in the last week or so I have noticed the swelling in the feet.  I have been a little swollen before then b/c I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring for a month now, but it hasn't been bad. Now my ankles are starting to swell if I stand to long. But as much as I would like to complain, I look at several other women and know I have it very well.
The only other thing that is tough for me is the belly.  being pregnant for 34 weeks I am still not used to having this "thing" on the front of me. I bump into everything.  I haven't hurt myself-yet, but it really is embarassing when you are out in public and you hit something or at home you knock things over. sometimes its comical but other times I get so annoyed with myself.  You would think by now I would be used to it, but it still doesn't feel heavy so if I couldn't see the bump I would even know it was there.
Overall, like I said earlier I cannot complain about anything with being pregnant. Now I am just ready, well not exactly ready, for them to be here so I can start a new experience in life.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Progress

This weekend my parents were nice enough to come down, even though they were down here not even a month ago and will be down again in another month.  But nonetheless my parents came down.  More like my Dad tagged along with my Mom, since my Mom really wanted me to have everything ready to go for the hospital "just in case". 
Dont get me wrong I was prepared to back my hospital bag, with a checklist, etc., but a part of me hasn't wanted to get it together because I feel like it will jinx me and I will have to go earlier than the 19th.  But I know "mother knows best" so she came down and helped me put it all together.  So there are only a few daily items I use that are not in my bag, but its ready to go and sitting in the nursery ready for me.
That was the main purpose for my parents(mom) to come down this weekend, she wanted me to be prepared.
While she was down here we also got my wall decal down (pictures to come in the next few days).  Everything on the nursery walls are decals, but the difference between the decal I just put up this weekend and our dots, is all the dots totalled roughly 50 bucks and they are vinyl so you can pull them off and stick them anywhere if you dont like where you have them and they WILL NOT peal off the paint. The wording decal I did purchase from Uppercase Living and I love it!  I highly recommend if you have not used rub-on's before or want personalized decorations for your wall to check it out. Anyway...   I bought my wording and it was roughly 50 bucks.  still not bad, but there is added pressure when you know once its on the wall if you try and remove it you are risking taking the paint off and it wont stick back on. And the sad part is, if you have ever worked retail had to do floorsets, especially around the holidays you have probably done your window displays and used decals-its the same concept, so it should be really easy, and it really was but knowing that if there is a mistake I am stuck.  But hey after roughly 30-45 minutes my Mom and I had the decal up on the wall where we wanted.  Like I said earlier I will take pictures, but I am waiting for Craig to put my corner shelves up and then the wall will be complete.
The only thing I didn't get done this weekend was put together my "hospital binder".  Wondering what that is... well I am a planner and have to be super organized, so I have a binder I have started to put things in for the hospital, like coupons to redeem at the hospital for free formula, free bags, etc. it will also contain all my paperwork I need, copy of insurance, driver license, and a list of people I need to e-mail/text etc to give them an update. Other than that I am set to go.
One thing I have to mention is that the hubs was very sweet and put the carseat bases along with the mirrors in the car. We were orginally going to put the stroller in the car, but after my parents came and were trying to work with the carseats and strollers, I realized Craig and I needed a little more practice before we put it in the car for good.
I am starting to get excited, but I think next weekend I will really be excited because this week we go to Dr. Fumia (the multiples specialists) so we will have a better idea how long I will last, and next weekend my game plan is to, although earlier than I normally do, put up the Christmas decorations and really get all the baby stuff out and have the house "baby ready".
So later this week look for some more updates on the pregoress of getting baby ready along with some more pictures!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going back-sharing my story

Well the main reason like I said this week has meant so much is because, when I first found out I had to do IVF, I felt so worthless.
I know they say women dream about their wedding from the time they are like 3, well I wasn't that way all I remember thinking about once I met Craig was I wanted to start a family and having to do IVF, made me feel less like a woman that would be a good mother.
At first I didn't want to tell anyone what I was going to have to go through or what I had been through b/c I was embarassed,but the more I thought about it I really started to like my position and felt like although small it was a calling from God to educate and share with people my experience and to help support other women going through the same/similar situation.
It's kind of crazy but one lady, by chance I met in a fertility forum was thinking of having to do some type of fertility treatment. I actually referred her to my Dr and gave her all my left over meds (I know that sounds gross, and wrong but trust me if you knew how much drugs cost out of pocket, you would understand) My friend was orginally  going to try around August of this year but then her and her husband decided not to try b/c she has already had three children from a previous marriage. Well just last week she told me they decided to give it a shot, and she had her ET on Monday. Her situation has been different than mine, b/c her husband has had the fertility issue, but it has made me feel great, and from what she has told me has helped her as well to be there for support and help her through everything. I never thought that helping someone just by talking to them would make me feel like my pregnancy and my journey was worth it and given to me for an even bigger reason than to start a family.  It has been a wonderful experience and feeling and I encourage anyone who is going through this situation or a similar one, and needs someone to talk to, to contact me.  Or even if you aren't going through this situation but want to know more about it let me know. The one thing I must say is that if you know someone going through this situation PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE try to understand that it is the most emotionally and physically draining and trying time.

***Thanks to all who read, and stuck it out to read all three 'novels', it was something I had to get off my chest***

Going back-God sent

 After a few months of analyzing our situation, and LOTS of praying, Craig and I decided to go ahead and pursue IVF. We knew that we wouldn't be able to try several times, but we both wanted a family and knew what needed to be done. After a little bit of time Craig actually decided to take a shot in the dark and check his insurance one last time to see if it covered IVF, and our prayers were answered... IT did!!!!! There is no way to explain how happy we were, it trully was God sent.
Well once we switched insurance at the first of the year we were ready to revisit the topic with our Dr. and figure out what this journey had in store for us. After having a few more tests done, and getting all our pre diagnosis stuff handled and squared away we began.
I still to this day cannot explain how lucky we were to have insurance that covered IVF. there only roughly 13 states in the US that require fertility coverage, and out of those 13 only a handful actually pay for a large portion of it. And although we live in Oklahoma Craig's company is based out of New York and they require fertility coverage and pay 20k!!!!!
Craig and I decided to start roughly in April.
to give a run down:
Lupron shot from April to May
Repronex shot from April to May
Gonal-F for a few weeks in April
Progesterone from May to August.
Our egg retrievel date was May 8th and they collected 22 eggs(amazing)
19 fertilized normally
May 13th was our egg transfer date. (2 eggs transfered, 4 frozen)
although after the retrieval I had some days I was very uncomfortable. I suffered from OHSS (Ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome) I knew it was temporary.
The week of bedrest and laying flat on my back after the transfer was tough, but luckily my mom came down and was there to keep me occupied.
I have to say that was and has been the hardest part of my journey.
Once I was done with progesterone shots(had to take a shot once a day until week 13!) everything has been smooth sailing. I wont say pregnancy has been easy, but it hasn't been as hard as I thought it would be.
I trully believe that this was the journey God wanted us to take, b/c things have just fallen into place.

Going back-surgery

So I apologize in advance, but I just feel like I have to share my story.....
This week has been a very interesting one. and to understand why you have to understand what I have been through. So the next few post will be my story.

Basically last August I went to a new OB/Gyn, turns out he was an endocrinologist, a*k*a fertility specialist. Well I went to of course do the typical meet the new Dr. appt. Of course there is a ton of paperwork, and b/c of his speciality, alot was geared toward fertility stuff. So of course when I go in he reviews all my stuff and says seems like I am in good health. Well when I explained to him we have not used any type of birth control for nearly 3 years it took him back.  His exact words were "you should have gotten pregnant by now, if nothing was going on". Well that is always something so encouraging to hear-Not. well long story short he checks me out and discovers that I have septum on my uterus that could be blocking the natural flow of eggs to be released into the uterus, and because of my pain I had felt I had endometreosis, and noticed I had PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome. So he explained to me that he would like to go in and do a hysterscopy, which means he would remove the septum and while he was in there get rid of some of the endo. Needless to say I was absolutely taken back, and VERY upset. I went in to the office in early August and they were ready to schedule me for surgery that next week-I couldn't say yes to that, I was still in shock when I left. After crying for majority of the day and trying to gather my thoughts, I realized I was more scared to have a surgery, since I have never had surgery, I really didn't picture my first surgery being on a part of my body that could really effect my future-kids.  Of course Craig was there to calm me down and make me realize it wasn't too big of a deal so at the end of August I had surgery.  While in surgery the Dr did a laproscopy to make sure everything was clear.  What he discovered while in surgery was that, I didn't have endo, put I had adhensions. Well these adhensions were all over my fallopian tubes so when the Dr ran the dye through my system he realized that my tubes were 95% block due to these adhensions. Of course I wanted to know how these adhensions came about, and what he told me again was shocking.  Apparently my pain tolerance is higher than I thought b/c he told me that nearly 5-6 years ago I must have had my appendiz leak.  It leaked just enough that I would have gotten pretty sick, but would have only lasted roughly a weekend. well with my appendix leaking my body attacked it like an infection and caused the adhensions.
So of course all this was discovered during my surgery-that went well by the way. But the Dr came to the conclusions that if I ever wanted to have kids I would have to do IVF, Invitro fertilization.
I did not see the Dr after surgery except once I woke up he told me everything went well. I'm sure you are asking why he didn't tell me that I would have to do IVF. well he had talked to my husband and my mom, and they all agreed that with me having surgery around my abdomen that it would cause me to be extremely upset and they didn't want to do that to me so soon after surgery, so they all chose to wait.
Well Craig being as loving as he is, it was tearing him up inside not to tell me, so by the end of the night I knew, and their prediction of me going crazy was correct, I cried and cried and cried.
I went back to the Dr roughly a week later for a check up and that is when he showed me pictures, explained his discovery and what our next step was. Of course the next step would be IVF, the only problem with that was my insurance did not cover IVF and if you are not familar with IVF it is not cheap.  You are looking at roughly 10k per try! So not to overwhelm myself we decided to take a few months off and get my body's system regulated before revisting the situation.

Sunday, October 11, 2009


This week has been eventful. Craig put the cribs together, and we both realized two cribs take up a lot of room. Sometimes we love the room and other days we hate it. I love that we have a giant window that takes up a whole wall but times like this we wish we had a 5th wall or something. Trying to get the dresser and chair(which should be here in three weeks) on one wall and the cribs on the other, really makes the room feel small. of course not much more will be going in it but still I do not want to have a look in the room of furniture packed in there.

We also bought the mattresses and man they are big. of course they fit but it seems like we were buying twin mattresses.

All in all this week has been really nice, busy picking up the cribs one night, putting them together the next then getting the mattresses another. On top of that I am trying to organize all our baby items we have gotten so far. This week will be a true task because we have a baby shower on Saturday and "bellie" pictures on Sunday (as long as it isn't freezing outside.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby shower

Its been a little while, but I have finally recovered from my trip to Kansas City/Columbia and the AWESOME baby shower.
The baby shower Meghan, Katy and Aunt Peggy threw was so over the top. Of course anything involving Aunt Peggy you know will be over the top, but I had no idea. Here are a few of the pictures from the shower. The two peas in a pod theme was too cute. And of course it didn't help that it was green. Not only was the shower so great, but all the family and friends that came really was great. OF course the highlight was seeing my friend Meg. Luckily she hasn't changed so it makes me feel a little better, but its just crazy knowing we have been friends for roughly 18 years. But its great ot have someone that has been apart of your milestones in life. But seeing everyone was awesome. It sucked that there wasn't more time with everyone, but I am glad it was only a few hours, by the end not only was I getting tired but getting a little overwhelmed. And I have realized that when I get overwhelmed is when the uncontrollable, random crying of pregnancy starts, so luckily it was over before that happened.
The shower itself was so nice. It was very detailed but it was still casual. We had a sit down dinner that was just enough food, great cake and cupcakes (I Love the fondont!) and then the games we played were not too personal, meaning I didn't have to have everyone touching my stomach. I dont mind people touching me, but after awhile I just start to feel plan fat b/c although its a pregnancy belly it doesn't feel like a pregnancy belly. It feels more like a pop belly. Plus it was going through a growth spurt so my skin was very sensitive. But anyway, the games were fun. Everyone having to guess my belly size, then we played a world scramble game that was SOO HARD! and then guess the number of diapers in the diaper cake-which was 116.
Once we got back to KC we went straight to bed and on Sunday I spent the day organizing all the gifts(all clothes together, all toys, etc.) then I headed back to Tulsa. It was so nice to get home and I think Craig was surprised to see how many gifts we got. But that was quickly trumpt by what I saw in the nursery. Over the weekend Craig had bought all the nursery furniture, both dressers and cribs. Although the cribs we are still waiting on b/c we had to order them having the dressers in there was so a great surprise. He really scored a lot of points. Now the hard part is figuring out where everything will go, b/c you dont realize how much room two cribs take up until you actually measure them and try and place them. It will be an adventure in and of itself when they arrive.
This past week I was exhausted from all the driving, but also having to put the gifts up and finding temporary places for things, doing laundry and doing thank you cards, took up so much time, so finally I got it all together and done. The great thing about it is that now I actually have time to work on my quilt. That has taken up so much of my space in my craft closet that it will be done!!!! I am almost there I am half way done stitching up the shirts which I hope to get that finished within the next day or two and the only thing left will be putting all the squares together, which after what I have been through will be a cake walk.
Once we get the cribs, I will put some pictures up and I will for sure take pictures of my quilt-its been a major projects. Oh yeah and belly pictures to come.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Weight

*Here is a picture of our "dot" wall*

Had my regualr OB appt today. Everything went well. I am finally in the positive on my weight, I think the tennis shoes helped. The twins are roughly a pound a piece now, which is great. It was a little weird because Craig couldn't be there, but one of my other friends from work who went to Dr. Babb as well told me-of course after my appt today- that if I bring a DVD he will record my entire ultra sound. How cool!!!! We are going next week to buy more DVD's. I am measuring at 27 week size and I am only 21 weeks! but that is to be expected. The only thing he had to tell me was to make sure I should be gaining a pound to a pound and a half a week. That hopefully wont be too hard anymore since I finally have an appetite.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby update-and life

After getting back from vacation-I couldn't have been happier it was a four day work week, but at the same time I just couldn't wait for the weekend to have enough time in a day to get things together.

After nearly three weeks of having the room painted green, we finally got it done to our liking. No we didn't to change the color, tape off patterns or anything, but Mr perfectionist (Craig) kept touching up the trim because a drop of green would get on it, then he would get a little bit of trim on the wall so he would have to cover it with green. a whole week of this nearly drove me insane, but I guess it was cute because he wants everything perfect for our kids, but seriously-its just paint.

That first week we just tried to manage. Before going on vacation we tried to clean out the fridge so we didn't get a welcome present of molded food. But we were so tired from our trip that once the work week started we didn't have the energy to go grocery shopping. So it was a week of going out to eat.

Finally last weekend we had a chance to put the house back together and get things caught up. Of course we weren't completely caught up to where I wanted to be but we were atleast on track with work, the house was cleaned, groceries bought and we were able to focus on baby stuff. Last weekend we ordered our dots. Craig decided he would rather spend money on buying multi colored circle decals then paint. Which I have to admit, took less time and cost less money in the end.

Also our carseats came in(thanks mom and dad) they were so cute, and fit well in the stroller. I think that gift actually made it seem a little more real that we are having two.

So this past week we got the carseats and by Friday night have the dots in place. of course there are two little walls that we want to put a few dots on but the main wall is done and thats all we really needed, the other two are bonuses.

Not only did we get the room done, but all my scrapbooks, journals, and photos albums are caught up for babies, so that makes me feel a lot better. This weekend I was able to make good headway on my highschool quilt. I wanted to have it done by the end of the week, but I dont think I will have time, plus there isn't a rush.

I have a prediction that this week will either go by really fast or really slow. Along with work and end of the month coming up, so projects are due, I am getting to help plan my "Tulsa" baby shower so the invites I got completed this weekend, I just have to send them out, then figure out food and drinks and order the cake. Games.... well I will see after this weekend's baby shower if I want to do games or not. On top of that I have another Dr appt., Dr. Babb. (this past week I had my first appt with my "high risk Ob" he was weird and it was a long two hour appt, but it was great because they measured EVERYTHING bladder, kidneys, brain, bones, etc. and I got pictures of it all-so it was cool. but luckily I dont have to go back to him for another month.

But this week I have my normal Ob. and then get to go to KC to see Fame on Friday with Mom, and Saturday get to see Meghan in forever. I think the last time I saw her was in OKC nearly six months ago. Then we are driving to Columbia to have my first baby shower. It will be so much fun. The only thing I worry about is where to put everything when I get home, since we dont have any of the furniture for the nursery-yikes!

Oh well only time will tell.

Oh I cant believe I forgot this week was a big deal. On Wednesday the 16th, we felt the babies kick for the first time-it was cool. They still aren't super active(atleast that I can feel ) but I feel more every day!!!!! :)

Indiana Vacation

Well its been awhile, but in preparing for our yearly week long trip to Indiana, working on the nursery, etc. the blog went by the wayside. So I apologize.-like it really makes that big of a difference because there isn't too much to report.
Our trip to Indiana went pretty well. We broke up the trip on the way to Indiana by leaving Friday night to head to KC to stay with my parents, then left early in Saturday morning to stop in STL to not only visit my grandma and grandpa, but to get a 3D ultra sound. Michelle, my soon to be aunt, works for a 3D/4D ultrasound place and was nice enough to do an ultrasound for free. ~So thank you Michelle. It was great to visit my grandparents. I dont get to seem them often, but when I do its so nice. It always feels like I havent missed a beat with them. Well not only visiting my grandparents was nice but the ultrasound was going to be a great way to start our Indiana vacation by knowing the sex of the twins. Well Caysen(our boy) was not the most cooperative,but I couldn't blame him since Price(our little girl) was kicking him the whole time. Well I gave it away but we confirmed we are having one boy, Caysen Dean, and one girl, Price McKenzie. we were so happy and the photos we got were amazing.
So onto Indiana. there isn't much to report on the week, minus we got to go shopping ALOT since the outlet mall was roughly 10 min away, needless to say this was probably the first time I didn't have a problem with Craig golfing so much during the week. I got to go shopping every time he went golfing. He did go with me and we spent way too much money on ourselves but it was nice. Also Carmen(sister-in-law) got us the Flip video camera. It is awesome! along with the cutest piggy banks I have ever seen. They are like the old school piggy banks. (I would show a picture but we left them in Indiana since we had no room to bring everything back with us, so Craig's dad when he comes in November will bring them too us) Also she gave us a bag of bottles, and a LARGE tupperware container of clothes. Its wonderful for me because I dont care for shopping for girl clothes, so it gives me even more reasons to buy boy clothes!
Not only did we visit Carmen and the family, we got to visit Craig's Uncle Greg and Aunt Marge. They are so great to spend time with. For me I think I enjoy it more because they are outsiders looking into Craig's family too, so I feel like I can relate to them better. The visit was too short but they are coming for Thanksgiving so that will be nice. We also had dinner one night with the Pease family, and lunch with our Pastor Rob. We got to do our "yearly" marriage check up, the results are good. But its just nice to have that reassurance.
Overall we got to relax alot, but at the same time had no time to relax trying to meet up with everyone.
What will be interesting is thinking about the next trip it wont just be Craig and I and the dogs but Craig and I and the babies-most likely not the dogs. Royce is getting a little too old for the trip and he gets stiff. Cooper on the other hand can handle it but he is so senstive with his allergies that he is sick nearly a week after returning.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big baby step

So this week we found out we were having atleast one boy. We got to see the "prized jewels". The Dr. isn't sure and cannot confirm or deny what the second one is, but he believes its a girl!!!! That is so wonderful to hear. We really didn't have a preference on what we were going to have, just because of the journey we have had to take to get here, but the more we thought about it the more we both knew we didn't want two girls. So as long as we saw want set of "goods" we didn't really care too much what the other was. Of course we care, but we are impartial on our feeling of two boys or one of each. Although I will not lie having one of each will be so nice, because we have always wanted atleast one girl and one boy, so now we don't have to feel rush to try again and go for a girl or go for a boy.
Another great thing was this weekend my family came to visit. It was so nice to have them around, a little exhausting, never thought entertaining even my family would wear me out, but it did. The nice thing was that they helped us paint the, what we used to call the boys room, green for the nursery. Now its officially going to have to be retitled to the nursery. I love the green. The only down fall is that the walls didn't have any paint on them just the builder tinted texture stuff from when it was built so we had to prime. Well most of that was done by Craig before my family came and then we painted the green. The green is so bright and true that it needs two coats. So although we pemiered the paint color yields itself to thin spots, so that is our goal this week. to do little by little of the second/ "touch up" coat.
This week should be an interesting one. Hopefully I will have time to post pictures of the "prized jewels" along with the nursery walls.

On a different note another great thing in the works is Craig getting a VP title at work. Although he wouldn't be the vice president of the branch, but it would distinguish him from a lot of the other bankers. HE is still in the top 200 bankers in the company, so since they wont be able to give him more pay because he is maxed out they can atleast give him more recognition, and they will. That's a very positive thing, and I couldn't be more excited for him.

Welp until next week, which I have to admit I may slack because we head to Indiana Friday night for a week vacation so not a ton of internet access or time, but I will try.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So the biggest event this past week was then nursery. Craig and I decided that we would paint the nursery green. It was actually very shocking to come up with the color because since its my favorite color, I will pick a shade of green for everything. I joke with Craig and tell him that if I had it my way I would have a house with every shade of green possible in it somewhere. So I was trying really hard to not put green in then nursery because the spare bath, which will be the babies bathroom, is a shade of green. This I have to point out was not our doing it was like that before we moved in. But we have a green comforter set in the master. All the office/game room containers, etc. are green. the accent wall in the living room, green. so needless to say I was trying hard. Now I have always said before we found out we were having two that I wanted gender neutral items so that if we had a boy first that we could use the same stuff for a girl the next time, etc. So this whole time I have been picking green and orange things because those to me are the most neutral. Of course once we know the sex we will pick A FEW gender specific items like clothes but that's about it.
So back to the nursery, after like two weeks of debate and suggestions from my mom as well that we should do green, I gave into the idea. So step one was complete but choosing the green.... that was another story. That took another week to decide and then we run into another snag today... We picked all the colors for the nursery but decided we would get the paint that would be the most versatile. Well of course our luck... the colors we agreed on, only game in a basic paint-not what we wanted. So we had to spend another 45 minutes figuring out which green matched our previous. it was a pain but hey at the end of the day WE GOT IT!!!! next battle to primer or not to primer. who will win that battle. Either way we have to figure out what we are going to do because my family is coming in town this weekend are offering to paint so there is a time limit on this. We will see.
Pictures to follow after the room is painted, hopefully its not too bright.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well its been awhile since I last posted. I was trying really hard to atleast post once a week, but that didn't last long. Hopefully now since I have a lot of my small things done, I can get a lot more time on the computer.

To get things caught up... one with babies. We were released at the beginning of July after our 9 week ultra sound to go to a highrisk OB. The great thing about Dr. Babb is that a lot of women I work with had him, so that makes it a lot nicer.

At the end of July we had our 12 week ultra sound, and had a long appt. At that time we could have been able to see the sex of the twins, but of course neither of them wanted to show us "their goods" it was really cool though because they are laying head to head and Baby A was break dancing on his head, just spinning in circles, and Baby B was mooning us, so needless to say they have their own personalities.

Here is a few pics at week 12.

Our next ultrasound was this past Wednesday but the placenta was in the way so we didn't bother trying to get photos. This time the twins were play fighting, kicking and punching eachother-well not making contact of course, but they looked like the rock'em sock'em robots. It was too cute. My measurements was 16 weeks, so I am only 2 weeks ahead of a singleton, which is good. Some might ask, why is bigger by two weeks good, well.. Dr. Babb has told us that at 28 weeks I will be measuring the size of a 40 week singleton-yikes!
Our next appt is the 19th, hopefully we will find out the sex of the two at this one. Its really important because my family is coming in that weekend and offered to help paint the nursery so any help we can get especially with painting will be wonderful. But who knows.
Also this week we got our tandem stroller-thank you parents :). I was able to put it together all by myself-a small victory. It is officially our first baby product. We are one step closer.(and we know there are MANY steps)

The last two weeks have been very interesting. Craig decided that he was going to turn his car into insurance. When we traveled to OKC in May he got what we thought was road construction paint on the right side of the car. Well, him being the car guy he is he drove him crazy, so he finally gave in and turned it into insurance. A possibly week job to take the paint off and polish the car turned into them having to tear the whole car apart and paint EVERYTHING from top to bottom. It has now been two weeks that Craig and I have car pooled some days but he has rode his bike on others. I think now I am more excited for him to get his car back then he is.
Since we have had to car pool, I picked him up from work two weeks ago and we decided to go to lunch. After lunch I asked if I could just show him the baby furniture. To my surprise he said yes!!! But since we were on the opposite side of town he wanted to try a few furniture stores to see if they had any nursery furniture. Well to this day I think it may have been a set up because we went into the first store and saw no baby furniture, but since we were there we looked at the living room furniture he was thinking about. (I was ok with that because he wanted leather and I like leather but its hard to find contempary leather, thats not super bulky) Of course Craig foudn some that he liked for a good price. Some how I managed to keep him out of the store without purchasing. So we went to another store and had no luck on anything. So I thought I had made it to Babies 'R Us clean and clear, but across the street from Babies R Us was another furniture. No doubt Craig had to stop there, well they had nursery furniture but much higher priced then what he wanted to spend. At that time I thought he had gotten over his living room furniture "look", I was wrong. As we started to give up on the leather and we were walking to the doors, he found his "ideal pieces" well there was no talking him out of it, so we drove home with a new chair, ottoman, love seat, and couch.
So you are probably asking.... did we ever get to Babies R Us? Yes, at 9:30 that night :( I wasn't really happy, but hey he liked it and agreed to it. So last week we registered. Another small step to baby ready.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

9 week ultra sound

Well this Wednesday we had our 9 week ultra sound. This time around we were a little more excited. Already we feel like we can see the personalities of the twins coming through. I still realized that no matter whose ultrasound it is, its still not all that interesting till the end. Atleast this time instead of being worms they looked like little gummie bears. Well atleast baby A looked like a gummie bear. Baby B was being a little camera shy so it didn't like a worm just a blob. The part that was really cool was when they did they blood flow view. Baby A you could see the actually heart pumping things in and out.
So the appointment was bittersweet. We got our 9 week ultrasound done, but now we are released and will no longer be going to Dr. Bundren, but to Dr. Babb. Its great to be released, but I loved the small office, with just one nurse, one receptionist, and one Dr assistant and one Dr. Dr Babb is the same way, but its still not the same, they saw me through the really hard times, but the good thing is they said I am always welcome to stop on by to show off the "bump" and when the babies come, them too, but the point first off.
Now that, thats all over I am just waiting for the call for my first appt with Dr. Babb and some other "high risk" Dr that will run some tests on the twins.

(I am still working on uploading pictures, I just never remember to scan the pictures in and to sync up with my external hard drive to retrieve them)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

The up's and down's

This week has been overall pretty uneventful, and that's a great thing. At the beginning of the week I started getting my appetite back and was so happy, but I felt like I was over eating. Although that wouldn't be a bad thing right now because I have lost a total of 5 lbs since my pregnancy journey started. But the eating was short lived. By Wednesday I was only really hungry in the morning and suffered from food adversions. The feelings came and went all week, but I have been reading my "books" and learning to try and eat healthy while not being interested in a lot of food.
I'm not too worried about the week ahead, although I am calm right now I know come Tuesday and Wednesday I will be panicking and even questioning if I am pregnant, even though I feel it and look it, I'm just get nervous right before Dr appts now. But I know everything will be good. All I know is that right now I am so excited to get this week started. Plus its great that Craig and I both have Friday off so its nice to have a three day holiday weekend with the hubby.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's starting to set in.

So I love weekends when we have plans with friends, but at the same time, I am not a fan of having two things on two extreme suburbs of tulsa to attend at roughly the same time. I get tired, luckily Craig is the one that drives but its still tiring.
I think the good thing that really came out of this weekend and hanging out with friends is that the whole pregnancy thing is really starting to sort of feel real.
On Saturday Craig had to work in the morning so I used the time to buy him "father to be gifts" I got him a weight set that he really wanted, along with a card and a cute little cake. I also had to run to the grocery store to get ingredients to make the lemon cupcakes for our friends, Todd and Melodies housewarming party.
When Craig got home of course he had to go outside and work on the yard which I hate him doing because it is always the hardest part of the day when he goes out there,b ut none the less he mowed and still had plenty of time to relax before we left.
Well we headed out to collinsville which is roughly 30 minutes from our house to Todd and Melodies. Thats when it really started to kick in that we are really pregnant. Melodie is just four days behind me in being pregnant so its great to have somone share everything with. And Todd was so sweet and everyone wanted to talk about so I think that kind of helped.
Then we realized that we needed to get to Jenks (which was roughly 45minutes) from Todd and Mel's house, at around 9. (we were suppose to be there close to 9) but of course we were running late and got to Jeremy's band's last set, so needless to say we didn't leave there till nearly midnight. Well it takes us another 20 minutes to get home so it was a late night.
I thought I did pretty well but I really felt my body being drained this morning, but ohw ell. I guess thats just another reminder that we are finally PREGNANT!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Special Date

This week overall was very uneventful. Rrcovering from the late hours of the motorcycle ralley, along with Craig's dad being in town till Wednesday morning. Craig's dad was here from Thursday to this past Wednesday morning. The week was filled with Craig and him, doing alot of odd and end jobs. They hung our storm door in the back-which took a lot longer than all of us thought it would take. Then fixing our annoying toliet and the figuring out how to fix the unexpecting outlets not working in the our master bath. Which that was an event within its self. Friday morning I got ready for work and plugged my flat iron in and it didn't work, of course I was running behind so I didn't have time to reset anything. Well I didn't say anything to Craig or his dad, since they were already on their way out to the golf course, so I just left it till I came home. Thinking it was no big problem and actually convincing myself that my flat iron was just shot. I came home reset the ground switch-still not success, figured I must have tripped the breaker, so I went out to the garage, it hadn't flipped but I turned it off and then back on, and yet still no success. By this time I was needing to get ready to with the guys to the car show, so I just used an outlet in the bedroom and I was set to go. Of course I had to tell Craig and leave it to Carl, to try and make it seem like a quick fix, which I have to admit frusterated me and felt a little bit like an insult. I just wanted to say "hello! just because I am a girl, doesn't mean I dont know how to flip the breaker or test the ground plug" well needless to say it took until Monday afternoon to get it fixed.
Anyway back to the week, well Wednesday was a very big day for us. It was not only our 3 year anniversary, but our first ultra sound!!!!! I have to say at the end of the day we were not overally impressed and flat out tired. Of course our Dr. appt couldn't be in the morning, it had to be at the end of the work day, and anyone that has appointments later in the day knows that you never get in on time and you are lucky to get in 30 min after your schedule visit. Well hey, 30 mins past our appt time would have been wonderful, but of course when we are dying to know if our medical rollercoaster has finally leveled out, we get behind a lady in the office that is so needy on such a miner thing. So instead of getting at 3:30 we didn't even see the Dr till just after 4:45. No big deal right... WRONG! their A/C had broken so it was so hot, Craig and I both had exhausted our emotions so we just were ready to get out of there, and I had gone to the bathroom at 4:15. So when the Dr came in he saw baby A great but couldn't get a great picture of baby B because my bladder was too full!!!All I have to say is "Thanks lady!" it was great to hear both heartbeats, and I think we felt more relieved than excited. But atleast it set a nice happy tone for the rest of the evening for us going out to dinner. I think our next ultrasound on the first of July will be a little more exciting for us.
But all in all it was a great anniversary. This whole pregnancy has been so blessed so far. Finding out on my birthday, May 27th that we were pregnant. Babies being due around Craig's birthday in Feb. and getting our first ultrasound on our anniversary. And what makes it even better and just really proves to me these are my babies are they are right on schedule! I love that they are exactly 7 weeks, on my 7 week ultrasound. Its nice to say things are going according to plan.
( I know everyone probably thinks we will put the ultrasound pictures up, well maybe, but if everyone is like me its a while bunch of nothing so no rush to put them up yet.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

GUTS Church-We Ride They Eat-tougher then hell

This weekend our church had their annual "tougher then hell" motorcycle ralley. This is the 9th year for this. This was actually my first time attending the event. Last year I was in Dallas with a friend, but Craig got to ride.

The reason for this ralley is our church has sponsored an island-La Gonve, Haiti, to help support. This island has no water to drink, or use to grow anything, so we raise money to pay for water drilling machines, to create wells. Also to clothe and feed young kids. And our next endeavor is to gather enough equipment and people to have a full functioning medical clinic.

This time of year is the reason it makes me so happy to go to GUTS.

But whether you are big into church causes or not, I recommend that anyone who has a bike, try and attend this ralley. Yesterday nearly 5000 bikes gathered at the church and took a 100 mile ride around NE Oklahoma. No words can describe the experience of seeing all those bikes gather and leave at one time, its organized choas and all doing it for a good cause.

I did take a few pictures but I was a little disappointed because by the time the bikes were filing back in it was dark and with their lights, it made it very hard to get the feel, and full effect of the bikes.

general update

Its been a week now. I would like to update a little more regularly, but my goal is to atleast do it once a week.
Well this week has beenpretty ineventful. I never realized how much being pregnant makes you tired. What makes it even worse is that with the progesterone shots I have to take every night, those side effects are the same as being pregnant-which is mainly being tired. I know that I dont cook every night and clean every night, and always thought that if I was in a position to have Craig do most of the work I would love it.-WRONG! Its killing me that I cant fix dinner because I am just too tired, plus I feel queasy 24/7 so cooking isn't the easiest thing for me to do. And cleaning, well it just takes me longer to clean the house, like two days instead of only a few hours. I get so tired, just after dusting that I have to basically take a nap, then get up and do another chore, etc. Everyone says that the first trimester you are super tired, but only sometimes does the second trimester back off on the tiredness. I am hoping this is the case, plus as far as I know I only have to take these progesterone shots for the first trimester. so if nothing else I wont be as tired. On top of everything else, I have been diagnosed with late insomnia. (I have no problem falling asleep at night but i wake up a few hours later and cant get back to sleep) so pregnant or not, if you dont get much sleep you will be tired. Oh well theres not much I can do to change it so I am just waiting it out. I have to give a big thanks to my wonderful husband for being so sweet and supportive. I know its killing him inside to have to do so much work, but he is a trooper and most of the time does it with a smile.
I have to take a minute and share how proud I am of Craig. This past month has been very crazy(mainly with all the medical issues that I had to deal with). Craig had to take a few days off this month. For most that doesn't seem like a big deal, but Craig being a Personal/Small Business banker as he likes to say "time is money" so him not being there could potential cost him business. Well rankings came out this month and he is 9th in the nation for his position and 175th in company for personal bankers. This may not seem like anything special for most people but, being as young as he is and even being in the top 750 is the company is a HUGE deal. (if you are top 750 you get to go to a special conference in nice place like, Vegas, Florida, Hawaii etc) I just couldn't be prouder of him!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First!

Well I think the first is always the hardest, but I am attempting to start blogging. I have delayed it long enough. I have to admit I was still a little unsure, and still am, on this whole blogging thing, but thanks to Meg, I have decided that now is as good a time to start as any.
After doing some research and reading some peoples blogs I feel a little more comfortable doing something of this nature, to keep everyone updated.
I always thought our life was never interesting enough to blog about, and who would want to read it. Now I have realized though that I think this isn't necessarily strictly for the entertainment for others, but a brief relaxation/therapy session sometimes.
So from the beginning I apologize for some short, some boring, some complicated blogs. Hopefully it will be a learning process and will see the improvement and comfortably as time progresses.
Naturally I feel obligated to play catch up before just blogging on day to day things.
Craig and I have been married for nearly 3 years. Right after getting married we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma due to my job at the time as a claim processor for State Farm Insurance. Now I am an auto underwriter, but still with State Farm. We rented a decent, old 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the western side of Tulsa. Craig was jobless for about a week, but finally started with Wells Fargo. He quickly left Wells Fargo and started working for JP Morgan Chase as a personal banker in April of 2007. After living in Tulsa for only a month we decided that our baby,dog, Royce needed a playmate so we were quick to buy a Boston Terrier that we named Cooper. This purchase was probably the most difficult of anything. Poor Cooper has so many health problems when we got him from a breeder, which baffles me, so within the first month I would estimate we spent over $1000 on vet bills and at least every full Saturday at the vet. It was tough but I think it just made me closer to my little baby. Craig and I look back now and just laugh, because when we brought Cooper home we were so afraid Royce being an Olde English Bulldog and weighing 75lbs, would crush this tiny dog that weighed maybe 3lbs at the time. Man were we wrong. As soon as Cooper was big enough to handle his own feet, and actually before then, he was showing Royce who was boss. Taking anything and everything Royce was playing with, etc. We feel bad for Royce, and still cant figure out how he became such a big softy, but that's ok, he is the lover not the fighter and we all know, including him that if he really wanted something he would get it from Cooper.
Well in Jan. of 2008 we officially became home buyers. Going through the home buying process was difficult, not on our end but dealing with the sellers. Our realtor, who has been in the business for over 15 years, even said she had never met more difficult people, but hey none the less we got the house we wanted for the price we wanted. Everything from there kind of gets a little boring(like it wasn't before) but we really have just been doing the typical home buyer projects of yard work, painting rooms, etc. Whats great about living the "boring" life it gives us plenty of time to hang out with each other and at work. I think being in the new house has given Craig more motivation to excel at being a personal banker. Within the first full year of being a banker for Chase, he became nationally ranked. he was in the top 750 bankers in the country for the company, so that was amazing. Unfortunately due to the economy the national ranked bankers conference was cancelled, it was set for Vegas, and although the company had money for the conference they felt it was bad publicity(which was a good decision). This year he is determined to beat his ranking from last year, and makes sure they have a great conference location this year.
Now I think everything is up to speed, so whats going on currently.
Well after a lot of medical speed bumps to say the least, and lots of bed rest, we are officially pregnant. Currently I am 5 weeks and 4 days along. Based on blood tests, the Dr thinks we have twins. Which seems very scary, but before the journey began the Dr prepared us that our chances of twins were very high. As of now I am still realistically optimistic. Due to all of our conditions the chances of miscarriages are extremely high, which makes it hard sometimes to really enjoy the pregnancy. Luckily I am not feeling too many symptoms, except being very tired all the time and a constant queasy feeling, but hey I will take it. This pregnancy I already feel is very special. We actually found out we were pregnant on my birthday and will have our first ultra sound on our 3 yr anniversary. So its time to just enjoy the ride!
-Sorry for the book, but the first is probably the longest-