Sunday, July 5, 2009

9 week ultra sound

Well this Wednesday we had our 9 week ultra sound. This time around we were a little more excited. Already we feel like we can see the personalities of the twins coming through. I still realized that no matter whose ultrasound it is, its still not all that interesting till the end. Atleast this time instead of being worms they looked like little gummie bears. Well atleast baby A looked like a gummie bear. Baby B was being a little camera shy so it didn't like a worm just a blob. The part that was really cool was when they did they blood flow view. Baby A you could see the actually heart pumping things in and out.
So the appointment was bittersweet. We got our 9 week ultrasound done, but now we are released and will no longer be going to Dr. Bundren, but to Dr. Babb. Its great to be released, but I loved the small office, with just one nurse, one receptionist, and one Dr assistant and one Dr. Dr Babb is the same way, but its still not the same, they saw me through the really hard times, but the good thing is they said I am always welcome to stop on by to show off the "bump" and when the babies come, them too, but the point first off.
Now that, thats all over I am just waiting for the call for my first appt with Dr. Babb and some other "high risk" Dr that will run some tests on the twins.

(I am still working on uploading pictures, I just never remember to scan the pictures in and to sync up with my external hard drive to retrieve them)