Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Wow,, Dont know what to say

So I told myself that I would blog more and I really do plan on it. I have to say that I applaud everyone that are serious bloggers especially the mom's out there. I really do have a schedule and have made time to do "my thing" in the evenings, but never realized that once I got the time freed up how fast it fills up.
I know I have said I will post monthly pictures of the kids, and I will, but right now my free time is filled with Baby showers, work, and dealing with insurance.
When I get all the insurance stuff handled I will blog more about it, but all I want to say right now is....
Dear Insurance,
Please explain to me the common sense in completely covering IVF that costs thousands of dollars, but yet will not cover a orthosis for a child that is only a few thousands dollars? And if you are paying to cut me open why would you not pay to stitch me back up?
anyway, just a warning when I finally get to blogging on insurance it will be a LONG one.
Dont get me wrong I appreciate what insurance has covered but I would like logic to be used when selecting and rejecting what will be covered.

On a happier note... this past weekend we got pictures taking for the kids 6 months. Man how time is flys and really notice how fast they grow when you are doing the same thing a few months down the road. Our 3 month pictures the kids couldn't sit on their own, they were not real responsive. it was the random smiling, etc.  This time around they could sit on their own and not only smile on command (just because they can do it when they want doesn't mean they smile when you tell them to, but they could) and they could even laugh.
Because it was so hot, we only took a few pictures outside and the rest we did at our house, and they lasted more then an hour and were happy the whole time.
From what we could see of the pictures they were great, I cannot wait to get them back and I will for sure posts them.

I know this is a short one, but I wanted to make sure I kept the post going. Like I said I have a lot on my plate right now and once insurance which is the biggest hurdle right now is accomplished I will be able to write more about that "fun" experience and everything else going on in my life.
it always seems like when you things are looking up, its way up and when things are going bad its really bad and right now is a joyous bad time in my life. (kind of hard for a bad thing to be happy, but everytime I see the kids I realize that not everything is bad, and although things are tough I'm doing everything for a reason and thats to better their life)