Sunday, October 11, 2009


This week has been eventful. Craig put the cribs together, and we both realized two cribs take up a lot of room. Sometimes we love the room and other days we hate it. I love that we have a giant window that takes up a whole wall but times like this we wish we had a 5th wall or something. Trying to get the dresser and chair(which should be here in three weeks) on one wall and the cribs on the other, really makes the room feel small. of course not much more will be going in it but still I do not want to have a look in the room of furniture packed in there.

We also bought the mattresses and man they are big. of course they fit but it seems like we were buying twin mattresses.

All in all this week has been really nice, busy picking up the cribs one night, putting them together the next then getting the mattresses another. On top of that I am trying to organize all our baby items we have gotten so far. This week will be a true task because we have a baby shower on Saturday and "bellie" pictures on Sunday (as long as it isn't freezing outside.)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Baby shower

Its been a little while, but I have finally recovered from my trip to Kansas City/Columbia and the AWESOME baby shower.
The baby shower Meghan, Katy and Aunt Peggy threw was so over the top. Of course anything involving Aunt Peggy you know will be over the top, but I had no idea. Here are a few of the pictures from the shower. The two peas in a pod theme was too cute. And of course it didn't help that it was green. Not only was the shower so great, but all the family and friends that came really was great. OF course the highlight was seeing my friend Meg. Luckily she hasn't changed so it makes me feel a little better, but its just crazy knowing we have been friends for roughly 18 years. But its great ot have someone that has been apart of your milestones in life. But seeing everyone was awesome. It sucked that there wasn't more time with everyone, but I am glad it was only a few hours, by the end not only was I getting tired but getting a little overwhelmed. And I have realized that when I get overwhelmed is when the uncontrollable, random crying of pregnancy starts, so luckily it was over before that happened.
The shower itself was so nice. It was very detailed but it was still casual. We had a sit down dinner that was just enough food, great cake and cupcakes (I Love the fondont!) and then the games we played were not too personal, meaning I didn't have to have everyone touching my stomach. I dont mind people touching me, but after awhile I just start to feel plan fat b/c although its a pregnancy belly it doesn't feel like a pregnancy belly. It feels more like a pop belly. Plus it was going through a growth spurt so my skin was very sensitive. But anyway, the games were fun. Everyone having to guess my belly size, then we played a world scramble game that was SOO HARD! and then guess the number of diapers in the diaper cake-which was 116.
Once we got back to KC we went straight to bed and on Sunday I spent the day organizing all the gifts(all clothes together, all toys, etc.) then I headed back to Tulsa. It was so nice to get home and I think Craig was surprised to see how many gifts we got. But that was quickly trumpt by what I saw in the nursery. Over the weekend Craig had bought all the nursery furniture, both dressers and cribs. Although the cribs we are still waiting on b/c we had to order them having the dressers in there was so a great surprise. He really scored a lot of points. Now the hard part is figuring out where everything will go, b/c you dont realize how much room two cribs take up until you actually measure them and try and place them. It will be an adventure in and of itself when they arrive.
This past week I was exhausted from all the driving, but also having to put the gifts up and finding temporary places for things, doing laundry and doing thank you cards, took up so much time, so finally I got it all together and done. The great thing about it is that now I actually have time to work on my quilt. That has taken up so much of my space in my craft closet that it will be done!!!! I am almost there I am half way done stitching up the shirts which I hope to get that finished within the next day or two and the only thing left will be putting all the squares together, which after what I have been through will be a cake walk.
Once we get the cribs, I will put some pictures up and I will for sure take pictures of my quilt-its been a major projects. Oh yeah and belly pictures to come.