Sunday, June 28, 2009

The up's and down's

This week has been overall pretty uneventful, and that's a great thing. At the beginning of the week I started getting my appetite back and was so happy, but I felt like I was over eating. Although that wouldn't be a bad thing right now because I have lost a total of 5 lbs since my pregnancy journey started. But the eating was short lived. By Wednesday I was only really hungry in the morning and suffered from food adversions. The feelings came and went all week, but I have been reading my "books" and learning to try and eat healthy while not being interested in a lot of food.
I'm not too worried about the week ahead, although I am calm right now I know come Tuesday and Wednesday I will be panicking and even questioning if I am pregnant, even though I feel it and look it, I'm just get nervous right before Dr appts now. But I know everything will be good. All I know is that right now I am so excited to get this week started. Plus its great that Craig and I both have Friday off so its nice to have a three day holiday weekend with the hubby.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's starting to set in.

So I love weekends when we have plans with friends, but at the same time, I am not a fan of having two things on two extreme suburbs of tulsa to attend at roughly the same time. I get tired, luckily Craig is the one that drives but its still tiring.
I think the good thing that really came out of this weekend and hanging out with friends is that the whole pregnancy thing is really starting to sort of feel real.
On Saturday Craig had to work in the morning so I used the time to buy him "father to be gifts" I got him a weight set that he really wanted, along with a card and a cute little cake. I also had to run to the grocery store to get ingredients to make the lemon cupcakes for our friends, Todd and Melodies housewarming party.
When Craig got home of course he had to go outside and work on the yard which I hate him doing because it is always the hardest part of the day when he goes out there,b ut none the less he mowed and still had plenty of time to relax before we left.
Well we headed out to collinsville which is roughly 30 minutes from our house to Todd and Melodies. Thats when it really started to kick in that we are really pregnant. Melodie is just four days behind me in being pregnant so its great to have somone share everything with. And Todd was so sweet and everyone wanted to talk about so I think that kind of helped.
Then we realized that we needed to get to Jenks (which was roughly 45minutes) from Todd and Mel's house, at around 9. (we were suppose to be there close to 9) but of course we were running late and got to Jeremy's band's last set, so needless to say we didn't leave there till nearly midnight. Well it takes us another 20 minutes to get home so it was a late night.
I thought I did pretty well but I really felt my body being drained this morning, but ohw ell. I guess thats just another reminder that we are finally PREGNANT!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Special Date

This week overall was very uneventful. Rrcovering from the late hours of the motorcycle ralley, along with Craig's dad being in town till Wednesday morning. Craig's dad was here from Thursday to this past Wednesday morning. The week was filled with Craig and him, doing alot of odd and end jobs. They hung our storm door in the back-which took a lot longer than all of us thought it would take. Then fixing our annoying toliet and the figuring out how to fix the unexpecting outlets not working in the our master bath. Which that was an event within its self. Friday morning I got ready for work and plugged my flat iron in and it didn't work, of course I was running behind so I didn't have time to reset anything. Well I didn't say anything to Craig or his dad, since they were already on their way out to the golf course, so I just left it till I came home. Thinking it was no big problem and actually convincing myself that my flat iron was just shot. I came home reset the ground switch-still not success, figured I must have tripped the breaker, so I went out to the garage, it hadn't flipped but I turned it off and then back on, and yet still no success. By this time I was needing to get ready to with the guys to the car show, so I just used an outlet in the bedroom and I was set to go. Of course I had to tell Craig and leave it to Carl, to try and make it seem like a quick fix, which I have to admit frusterated me and felt a little bit like an insult. I just wanted to say "hello! just because I am a girl, doesn't mean I dont know how to flip the breaker or test the ground plug" well needless to say it took until Monday afternoon to get it fixed.
Anyway back to the week, well Wednesday was a very big day for us. It was not only our 3 year anniversary, but our first ultra sound!!!!! I have to say at the end of the day we were not overally impressed and flat out tired. Of course our Dr. appt couldn't be in the morning, it had to be at the end of the work day, and anyone that has appointments later in the day knows that you never get in on time and you are lucky to get in 30 min after your schedule visit. Well hey, 30 mins past our appt time would have been wonderful, but of course when we are dying to know if our medical rollercoaster has finally leveled out, we get behind a lady in the office that is so needy on such a miner thing. So instead of getting at 3:30 we didn't even see the Dr till just after 4:45. No big deal right... WRONG! their A/C had broken so it was so hot, Craig and I both had exhausted our emotions so we just were ready to get out of there, and I had gone to the bathroom at 4:15. So when the Dr came in he saw baby A great but couldn't get a great picture of baby B because my bladder was too full!!!All I have to say is "Thanks lady!" it was great to hear both heartbeats, and I think we felt more relieved than excited. But atleast it set a nice happy tone for the rest of the evening for us going out to dinner. I think our next ultrasound on the first of July will be a little more exciting for us.
But all in all it was a great anniversary. This whole pregnancy has been so blessed so far. Finding out on my birthday, May 27th that we were pregnant. Babies being due around Craig's birthday in Feb. and getting our first ultrasound on our anniversary. And what makes it even better and just really proves to me these are my babies are they are right on schedule! I love that they are exactly 7 weeks, on my 7 week ultrasound. Its nice to say things are going according to plan.
( I know everyone probably thinks we will put the ultrasound pictures up, well maybe, but if everyone is like me its a while bunch of nothing so no rush to put them up yet.)

Sunday, June 14, 2009

GUTS Church-We Ride They Eat-tougher then hell

This weekend our church had their annual "tougher then hell" motorcycle ralley. This is the 9th year for this. This was actually my first time attending the event. Last year I was in Dallas with a friend, but Craig got to ride.

The reason for this ralley is our church has sponsored an island-La Gonve, Haiti, to help support. This island has no water to drink, or use to grow anything, so we raise money to pay for water drilling machines, to create wells. Also to clothe and feed young kids. And our next endeavor is to gather enough equipment and people to have a full functioning medical clinic.

This time of year is the reason it makes me so happy to go to GUTS.

But whether you are big into church causes or not, I recommend that anyone who has a bike, try and attend this ralley. Yesterday nearly 5000 bikes gathered at the church and took a 100 mile ride around NE Oklahoma. No words can describe the experience of seeing all those bikes gather and leave at one time, its organized choas and all doing it for a good cause.

I did take a few pictures but I was a little disappointed because by the time the bikes were filing back in it was dark and with their lights, it made it very hard to get the feel, and full effect of the bikes.

general update

Its been a week now. I would like to update a little more regularly, but my goal is to atleast do it once a week.
Well this week has beenpretty ineventful. I never realized how much being pregnant makes you tired. What makes it even worse is that with the progesterone shots I have to take every night, those side effects are the same as being pregnant-which is mainly being tired. I know that I dont cook every night and clean every night, and always thought that if I was in a position to have Craig do most of the work I would love it.-WRONG! Its killing me that I cant fix dinner because I am just too tired, plus I feel queasy 24/7 so cooking isn't the easiest thing for me to do. And cleaning, well it just takes me longer to clean the house, like two days instead of only a few hours. I get so tired, just after dusting that I have to basically take a nap, then get up and do another chore, etc. Everyone says that the first trimester you are super tired, but only sometimes does the second trimester back off on the tiredness. I am hoping this is the case, plus as far as I know I only have to take these progesterone shots for the first trimester. so if nothing else I wont be as tired. On top of everything else, I have been diagnosed with late insomnia. (I have no problem falling asleep at night but i wake up a few hours later and cant get back to sleep) so pregnant or not, if you dont get much sleep you will be tired. Oh well theres not much I can do to change it so I am just waiting it out. I have to give a big thanks to my wonderful husband for being so sweet and supportive. I know its killing him inside to have to do so much work, but he is a trooper and most of the time does it with a smile.
I have to take a minute and share how proud I am of Craig. This past month has been very crazy(mainly with all the medical issues that I had to deal with). Craig had to take a few days off this month. For most that doesn't seem like a big deal, but Craig being a Personal/Small Business banker as he likes to say "time is money" so him not being there could potential cost him business. Well rankings came out this month and he is 9th in the nation for his position and 175th in company for personal bankers. This may not seem like anything special for most people but, being as young as he is and even being in the top 750 is the company is a HUGE deal. (if you are top 750 you get to go to a special conference in nice place like, Vegas, Florida, Hawaii etc) I just couldn't be prouder of him!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The First!

Well I think the first is always the hardest, but I am attempting to start blogging. I have delayed it long enough. I have to admit I was still a little unsure, and still am, on this whole blogging thing, but thanks to Meg, I have decided that now is as good a time to start as any.
After doing some research and reading some peoples blogs I feel a little more comfortable doing something of this nature, to keep everyone updated.
I always thought our life was never interesting enough to blog about, and who would want to read it. Now I have realized though that I think this isn't necessarily strictly for the entertainment for others, but a brief relaxation/therapy session sometimes.
So from the beginning I apologize for some short, some boring, some complicated blogs. Hopefully it will be a learning process and will see the improvement and comfortably as time progresses.
Naturally I feel obligated to play catch up before just blogging on day to day things.
Craig and I have been married for nearly 3 years. Right after getting married we moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma due to my job at the time as a claim processor for State Farm Insurance. Now I am an auto underwriter, but still with State Farm. We rented a decent, old 3 bedroom 2 bath house on the western side of Tulsa. Craig was jobless for about a week, but finally started with Wells Fargo. He quickly left Wells Fargo and started working for JP Morgan Chase as a personal banker in April of 2007. After living in Tulsa for only a month we decided that our baby,dog, Royce needed a playmate so we were quick to buy a Boston Terrier that we named Cooper. This purchase was probably the most difficult of anything. Poor Cooper has so many health problems when we got him from a breeder, which baffles me, so within the first month I would estimate we spent over $1000 on vet bills and at least every full Saturday at the vet. It was tough but I think it just made me closer to my little baby. Craig and I look back now and just laugh, because when we brought Cooper home we were so afraid Royce being an Olde English Bulldog and weighing 75lbs, would crush this tiny dog that weighed maybe 3lbs at the time. Man were we wrong. As soon as Cooper was big enough to handle his own feet, and actually before then, he was showing Royce who was boss. Taking anything and everything Royce was playing with, etc. We feel bad for Royce, and still cant figure out how he became such a big softy, but that's ok, he is the lover not the fighter and we all know, including him that if he really wanted something he would get it from Cooper.
Well in Jan. of 2008 we officially became home buyers. Going through the home buying process was difficult, not on our end but dealing with the sellers. Our realtor, who has been in the business for over 15 years, even said she had never met more difficult people, but hey none the less we got the house we wanted for the price we wanted. Everything from there kind of gets a little boring(like it wasn't before) but we really have just been doing the typical home buyer projects of yard work, painting rooms, etc. Whats great about living the "boring" life it gives us plenty of time to hang out with each other and at work. I think being in the new house has given Craig more motivation to excel at being a personal banker. Within the first full year of being a banker for Chase, he became nationally ranked. he was in the top 750 bankers in the country for the company, so that was amazing. Unfortunately due to the economy the national ranked bankers conference was cancelled, it was set for Vegas, and although the company had money for the conference they felt it was bad publicity(which was a good decision). This year he is determined to beat his ranking from last year, and makes sure they have a great conference location this year.
Now I think everything is up to speed, so whats going on currently.
Well after a lot of medical speed bumps to say the least, and lots of bed rest, we are officially pregnant. Currently I am 5 weeks and 4 days along. Based on blood tests, the Dr thinks we have twins. Which seems very scary, but before the journey began the Dr prepared us that our chances of twins were very high. As of now I am still realistically optimistic. Due to all of our conditions the chances of miscarriages are extremely high, which makes it hard sometimes to really enjoy the pregnancy. Luckily I am not feeling too many symptoms, except being very tired all the time and a constant queasy feeling, but hey I will take it. This pregnancy I already feel is very special. We actually found out we were pregnant on my birthday and will have our first ultra sound on our 3 yr anniversary. So its time to just enjoy the ride!
-Sorry for the book, but the first is probably the longest-