Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big baby step

So this week we found out we were having atleast one boy. We got to see the "prized jewels". The Dr. isn't sure and cannot confirm or deny what the second one is, but he believes its a girl!!!! That is so wonderful to hear. We really didn't have a preference on what we were going to have, just because of the journey we have had to take to get here, but the more we thought about it the more we both knew we didn't want two girls. So as long as we saw want set of "goods" we didn't really care too much what the other was. Of course we care, but we are impartial on our feeling of two boys or one of each. Although I will not lie having one of each will be so nice, because we have always wanted atleast one girl and one boy, so now we don't have to feel rush to try again and go for a girl or go for a boy.
Another great thing was this weekend my family came to visit. It was so nice to have them around, a little exhausting, never thought entertaining even my family would wear me out, but it did. The nice thing was that they helped us paint the, what we used to call the boys room, green for the nursery. Now its officially going to have to be retitled to the nursery. I love the green. The only down fall is that the walls didn't have any paint on them just the builder tinted texture stuff from when it was built so we had to prime. Well most of that was done by Craig before my family came and then we painted the green. The green is so bright and true that it needs two coats. So although we pemiered the paint color yields itself to thin spots, so that is our goal this week. to do little by little of the second/ "touch up" coat.
This week should be an interesting one. Hopefully I will have time to post pictures of the "prized jewels" along with the nursery walls.

On a different note another great thing in the works is Craig getting a VP title at work. Although he wouldn't be the vice president of the branch, but it would distinguish him from a lot of the other bankers. HE is still in the top 200 bankers in the company, so since they wont be able to give him more pay because he is maxed out they can atleast give him more recognition, and they will. That's a very positive thing, and I couldn't be more excited for him.

Welp until next week, which I have to admit I may slack because we head to Indiana Friday night for a week vacation so not a ton of internet access or time, but I will try.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


So the biggest event this past week was then nursery. Craig and I decided that we would paint the nursery green. It was actually very shocking to come up with the color because since its my favorite color, I will pick a shade of green for everything. I joke with Craig and tell him that if I had it my way I would have a house with every shade of green possible in it somewhere. So I was trying really hard to not put green in then nursery because the spare bath, which will be the babies bathroom, is a shade of green. This I have to point out was not our doing it was like that before we moved in. But we have a green comforter set in the master. All the office/game room containers, etc. are green. the accent wall in the living room, green. so needless to say I was trying hard. Now I have always said before we found out we were having two that I wanted gender neutral items so that if we had a boy first that we could use the same stuff for a girl the next time, etc. So this whole time I have been picking green and orange things because those to me are the most neutral. Of course once we know the sex we will pick A FEW gender specific items like clothes but that's about it.
So back to the nursery, after like two weeks of debate and suggestions from my mom as well that we should do green, I gave into the idea. So step one was complete but choosing the green.... that was another story. That took another week to decide and then we run into another snag today... We picked all the colors for the nursery but decided we would get the paint that would be the most versatile. Well of course our luck... the colors we agreed on, only game in a basic paint-not what we wanted. So we had to spend another 45 minutes figuring out which green matched our previous. it was a pain but hey at the end of the day WE GOT IT!!!! next battle to primer or not to primer. who will win that battle. Either way we have to figure out what we are going to do because my family is coming in town this weekend are offering to paint so there is a time limit on this. We will see.
Pictures to follow after the room is painted, hopefully its not too bright.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Well its been awhile since I last posted. I was trying really hard to atleast post once a week, but that didn't last long. Hopefully now since I have a lot of my small things done, I can get a lot more time on the computer.

To get things caught up... one with babies. We were released at the beginning of July after our 9 week ultra sound to go to a highrisk OB. The great thing about Dr. Babb is that a lot of women I work with had him, so that makes it a lot nicer.

At the end of July we had our 12 week ultra sound, and had a long appt. At that time we could have been able to see the sex of the twins, but of course neither of them wanted to show us "their goods" it was really cool though because they are laying head to head and Baby A was break dancing on his head, just spinning in circles, and Baby B was mooning us, so needless to say they have their own personalities.

Here is a few pics at week 12.

Our next ultrasound was this past Wednesday but the placenta was in the way so we didn't bother trying to get photos. This time the twins were play fighting, kicking and punching eachother-well not making contact of course, but they looked like the rock'em sock'em robots. It was too cute. My measurements was 16 weeks, so I am only 2 weeks ahead of a singleton, which is good. Some might ask, why is bigger by two weeks good, well.. Dr. Babb has told us that at 28 weeks I will be measuring the size of a 40 week singleton-yikes!
Our next appt is the 19th, hopefully we will find out the sex of the two at this one. Its really important because my family is coming in that weekend and offered to help paint the nursery so any help we can get especially with painting will be wonderful. But who knows.
Also this week we got our tandem stroller-thank you parents :). I was able to put it together all by myself-a small victory. It is officially our first baby product. We are one step closer.(and we know there are MANY steps)

The last two weeks have been very interesting. Craig decided that he was going to turn his car into insurance. When we traveled to OKC in May he got what we thought was road construction paint on the right side of the car. Well, him being the car guy he is he drove him crazy, so he finally gave in and turned it into insurance. A possibly week job to take the paint off and polish the car turned into them having to tear the whole car apart and paint EVERYTHING from top to bottom. It has now been two weeks that Craig and I have car pooled some days but he has rode his bike on others. I think now I am more excited for him to get his car back then he is.
Since we have had to car pool, I picked him up from work two weeks ago and we decided to go to lunch. After lunch I asked if I could just show him the baby furniture. To my surprise he said yes!!! But since we were on the opposite side of town he wanted to try a few furniture stores to see if they had any nursery furniture. Well to this day I think it may have been a set up because we went into the first store and saw no baby furniture, but since we were there we looked at the living room furniture he was thinking about. (I was ok with that because he wanted leather and I like leather but its hard to find contempary leather, thats not super bulky) Of course Craig foudn some that he liked for a good price. Some how I managed to keep him out of the store without purchasing. So we went to another store and had no luck on anything. So I thought I had made it to Babies 'R Us clean and clear, but across the street from Babies R Us was another furniture. No doubt Craig had to stop there, well they had nursery furniture but much higher priced then what he wanted to spend. At that time I thought he had gotten over his living room furniture "look", I was wrong. As we started to give up on the leather and we were walking to the doors, he found his "ideal pieces" well there was no talking him out of it, so we drove home with a new chair, ottoman, love seat, and couch.
So you are probably asking.... did we ever get to Babies R Us? Yes, at 9:30 that night :( I wasn't really happy, but hey he liked it and agreed to it. So last week we registered. Another small step to baby ready.