Monday, March 8, 2010


Let me say again that a c-section was not my ideal way of giving birth, but hey at the end of the day I am blessed enough to be able to give birth to healthy babies.
So my C-section was a great experience. I hated the staples but just today I had my 6 week check up and you cant even see a scar at all.
I of course wish things could be different but you have to make the best of your situation.
There isn't much to say about my c-section that I haven't already voiced in previous posts, but the few things I want to say about a C-section is...
-The numbing shots were the most painful part, and they felt like someone just pricked me skin.
-I didn't feel the spinal block needle at all.  My progesterone shots I had to take for 13 weeks were 20 times harder and more painful then any needles/shots they gave me for delivery
-I cant remember much of the delivery process or hours after due to the meds, which I wish I could change
-I absolutely loved the cathiter(sp?) and taking it out wasn't paniful-actually wasn't even noticeable.
-The first few days in the hospital were a little difficult. I felt really warn down, and I think the only reason it was so tough was because I was so scared of my staples.
-Taking my first shower at the hospital was so scary. The shower was not fit for anyone to bath in, it was tiny, maybe a three by three block-very difficult to try and keep an incision dry.-but big thanks to my mom for helping me.
-Getting released in the hospital was so wonderful. Although I was the one that had major surgery, I felt like a prisoner instead of a patient that needed to be pampered because I just wanted to get my babies home.

I have to say the emotional part of recovering from a c-section and I think this could go for all deliveries vaginal or c-section, is the fear of messing something up. To me it was so tough to relax and let things heal as normal because I wanted to get back out there and do things, but then I knew that if I wasn't careful I could mess up things internally permanently.  I was so worried, that if I didn't do this or that I could never "go back to normal"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Delivering the Twins

So I apologize this is so delayed, but finding time well.. has been difficult. But I think not being able to post my delivery and experience right away is actually a good thing, because I would change it.
Well we left aroung 5am Tuesday morning, and to my surprised I slept like a baby Monday night. I actually had to rush to get out of the house because I slept in longer then I should have.  But it I showered and did my final walk through the house, to make sure I wasn't forgetting anything.
Here is a picture of Craig and I right before we left for the hospital.

We got to the hospital and I refused to take a wheelchair up to labor and delivery. Thats me being my stubborn self. But I felt great and fine and had a lot more energy then I did the few days previous. I checked into my room and was hooked up within thirty minutes or so.  Which was wonderful, but since It was only 6:15 I had roughly an hour to wait till c-section. What was so wonderful was that I was laying there, trying to find something to watch on TV(not much on in the am expect the news-BORING). As I layed there I made the comment to the nurse that the twins were having a party since they knew it was time. The nurse looked at me like I was crazy and said, "Hun you are having major contractions. Do you not feel any discomfort or pain?" I kind of laughed and was like, "umm no.  These are contractions? If thats the case I have been having these for weeks now."
It was great to know that I had been having contractions and they weren't hurting at all, but on the other hand I was really upset because if I was able to handle contractions that well, I really wish I would have been able to have a vaginal delivery. I thought like that alot but every time I would get down that I couldn't have my ideal delivery. (Yes I know I am crazy but while most girls dreamt of their dream wedding I always dreamt of my "dream"delivery. A vaginal birth with no epidural.) I would just let my planner self kick in and say, "hey if I did it any other way I wouldn't get to plan their birth date,etc" So that made me feel a little better.
Anyway it was finally time to deliver, so they wheeled me back to the room and to my disappointment the room was tiny.  I know it doesn't matter how big the room was since I dont move around but I just expected something else. So I made a comment to the nurse and she was like, "yeah I know, you would think a person delivering twins they would put you in the larger room, and a room that was slightly warmer, but guess thats good since we will be all nice and cozy in here." So once I got in there the "sleep" Dr came in and all I have to say is.. Prick! He was a early 30's guy, decent looking, but you could tell he thought he was hot stuff.  He came in and I could tell the nurses were not too thrilled because they immediately asked about the other sleep Dr. His response was, "Oh he is moving a little slow this morning so I will knock this one out real quick so you guys can get started." I just thought to myself, "Hey dork! I can hear you and you are not that special so I can wait." Well that didn't make me feel much better because the only thing I was scared of.. well the only two things I was afraid of with a c-section was the spinal block and getting staples. Once I was told they normally dont do staples I felt much better, so the only thing I was scared of was the spinal block and having a tool bag doing it didn't make me feel any better.  So the scary part came and Dr. Babb was great and he leaned me forward and was talking to me trying to keep my mind off the block.  Well believe it or not, I only felt a tiny prick when they did the numbing medicine and for sure didn't feel the block at all. My shots during IVF hurt more then that, so once it was over I felt so good to go.
Once they laid me down they were getting everything ready and went and got Craig.  The sleep Dr. told me that I would be numb from the boobs down and I would feel a little pressure but nothing else. Well just in the few minutes it took for them to get Craig, I felt so tired. I was struggling to keep my eyes open, and I couldn't feel a thing, not even a little pressure.
Here is a picture(not so lovely) of me laying on the table, while they are cutting me open.-Thanks Hun

Well all I remember thinking while they started in on me was "hurry up and get them out so I can go to sleep." My eyes were SO HEAVY, I was very thankful they get the kids out within the first 10 minutes of the c-section, because if it was any later I dont know if I would have seen them. About 5 minutes in the sleep Dr asked me how I was feeling and at that time I couldn't swallow, I was trying not to panic, but I couldn't swallow-scary. So I told him and he was like, "oh, hmm, ok, try and squeeze my hands." so he went from one side and had me try and squeeze his hand, and I could barely move my hand. Of course I really couldn't feel my arms the minute Craig walked in the room because he came over and held my hand and my first words to him was, "dont worry about holding my hand,I cant feel you anyway." Well after not being able to squeeze the Dr's hand he did something and I could swallow again, couldn't really move my arms but atleast I wasn't freaking out.
Well finally they pulled Caysen out, I was so happy, couldn't show it because I was so numb and tired, but I was more excited that he was first so Price had a "big brother". When he held him up all I remember thinking was, "ok thats great put him down because that blood is about to drip on me."-I know what a motherly thing to say right... well thats me. I dont even remember seeing Price, but I know I did.
Here are their pictures.

CAYSEN DEAN 6lbs 7oz. 19in. 7:38am

PRICE MAKENZIE 7lbs 0oz. 18 1/2in. 7:39am

After the twins were born the only other thing I remember of the c-section was hearing thumping before they finished with me. They wheeled me back into my room and the sleep Dr. came in. I was in the room by myself because Craig was with the twins and my mom went down to see them. Well the prick, sleep Dr came in and was like, "well we numbed you, I did a good job, almost a little too good of a job because we almost had to put you under." Apparently when he numbed me and me not being able to swallow, if it would have continued they would have had to put me completely under and put a tube down my throat. All I have to say is "Thanks you butt head!!!" I mean a positive spin is that he numbed me so well that the c-section experience pain wise was PERFECT.
Then Dr. Babb came in and he was the sweetest man, but he told me the one thing I didn't expect to hear. He said they had to use staples because I was stretched so much there wasn't any skin to stitch together. He did tell me the only thing with staples was the outside layer, everything internally was stitched, so thats a plus but I was terrified.  Atleast it made since what that thumping noise was I heard.
So you are probably wondering why I made the comment at the beginning of the post that if I would have posted this right after the delivery it would be totally different. The reason I say that is because if I reflected right after delivery I would have said I remembered everything but as I have talked to friends with Craig and told them what I remember Craig would correct me. I know I have dragged this on, so to make a long story short, basically from post c-section to around 7 tuesday night I blacked out.
Here are the twins Tuesday night.

Price and Caysen