Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Baby Weight

*Here is a picture of our "dot" wall*

Had my regualr OB appt today. Everything went well. I am finally in the positive on my weight, I think the tennis shoes helped. The twins are roughly a pound a piece now, which is great. It was a little weird because Craig couldn't be there, but one of my other friends from work who went to Dr. Babb as well told me-of course after my appt today- that if I bring a DVD he will record my entire ultra sound. How cool!!!! We are going next week to buy more DVD's. I am measuring at 27 week size and I am only 21 weeks! but that is to be expected. The only thing he had to tell me was to make sure I should be gaining a pound to a pound and a half a week. That hopefully wont be too hard anymore since I finally have an appetite.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Baby update-and life

After getting back from vacation-I couldn't have been happier it was a four day work week, but at the same time I just couldn't wait for the weekend to have enough time in a day to get things together.

After nearly three weeks of having the room painted green, we finally got it done to our liking. No we didn't to change the color, tape off patterns or anything, but Mr perfectionist (Craig) kept touching up the trim because a drop of green would get on it, then he would get a little bit of trim on the wall so he would have to cover it with green. a whole week of this nearly drove me insane, but I guess it was cute because he wants everything perfect for our kids, but seriously-its just paint.

That first week we just tried to manage. Before going on vacation we tried to clean out the fridge so we didn't get a welcome present of molded food. But we were so tired from our trip that once the work week started we didn't have the energy to go grocery shopping. So it was a week of going out to eat.

Finally last weekend we had a chance to put the house back together and get things caught up. Of course we weren't completely caught up to where I wanted to be but we were atleast on track with work, the house was cleaned, groceries bought and we were able to focus on baby stuff. Last weekend we ordered our dots. Craig decided he would rather spend money on buying multi colored circle decals then paint. Which I have to admit, took less time and cost less money in the end.

Also our carseats came in(thanks mom and dad) they were so cute, and fit well in the stroller. I think that gift actually made it seem a little more real that we are having two.

So this past week we got the carseats and by Friday night have the dots in place. of course there are two little walls that we want to put a few dots on but the main wall is done and thats all we really needed, the other two are bonuses.

Not only did we get the room done, but all my scrapbooks, journals, and photos albums are caught up for babies, so that makes me feel a lot better. This weekend I was able to make good headway on my highschool quilt. I wanted to have it done by the end of the week, but I dont think I will have time, plus there isn't a rush.

I have a prediction that this week will either go by really fast or really slow. Along with work and end of the month coming up, so projects are due, I am getting to help plan my "Tulsa" baby shower so the invites I got completed this weekend, I just have to send them out, then figure out food and drinks and order the cake. Games.... well I will see after this weekend's baby shower if I want to do games or not. On top of that I have another Dr appt., Dr. Babb. (this past week I had my first appt with my "high risk Ob" he was weird and it was a long two hour appt, but it was great because they measured EVERYTHING bladder, kidneys, brain, bones, etc. and I got pictures of it all-so it was cool. but luckily I dont have to go back to him for another month.

But this week I have my normal Ob. and then get to go to KC to see Fame on Friday with Mom, and Saturday get to see Meghan in forever. I think the last time I saw her was in OKC nearly six months ago. Then we are driving to Columbia to have my first baby shower. It will be so much fun. The only thing I worry about is where to put everything when I get home, since we dont have any of the furniture for the nursery-yikes!

Oh well only time will tell.

Oh I cant believe I forgot this week was a big deal. On Wednesday the 16th, we felt the babies kick for the first time-it was cool. They still aren't super active(atleast that I can feel ) but I feel more every day!!!!! :)

Indiana Vacation

Well its been awhile, but in preparing for our yearly week long trip to Indiana, working on the nursery, etc. the blog went by the wayside. So I apologize.-like it really makes that big of a difference because there isn't too much to report.
Our trip to Indiana went pretty well. We broke up the trip on the way to Indiana by leaving Friday night to head to KC to stay with my parents, then left early in Saturday morning to stop in STL to not only visit my grandma and grandpa, but to get a 3D ultra sound. Michelle, my soon to be aunt, works for a 3D/4D ultrasound place and was nice enough to do an ultrasound for free. ~So thank you Michelle. It was great to visit my grandparents. I dont get to seem them often, but when I do its so nice. It always feels like I havent missed a beat with them. Well not only visiting my grandparents was nice but the ultrasound was going to be a great way to start our Indiana vacation by knowing the sex of the twins. Well Caysen(our boy) was not the most cooperative,but I couldn't blame him since Price(our little girl) was kicking him the whole time. Well I gave it away but we confirmed we are having one boy, Caysen Dean, and one girl, Price McKenzie. we were so happy and the photos we got were amazing.
So onto Indiana. there isn't much to report on the week, minus we got to go shopping ALOT since the outlet mall was roughly 10 min away, needless to say this was probably the first time I didn't have a problem with Craig golfing so much during the week. I got to go shopping every time he went golfing. He did go with me and we spent way too much money on ourselves but it was nice. Also Carmen(sister-in-law) got us the Flip video camera. It is awesome! along with the cutest piggy banks I have ever seen. They are like the old school piggy banks. (I would show a picture but we left them in Indiana since we had no room to bring everything back with us, so Craig's dad when he comes in November will bring them too us) Also she gave us a bag of bottles, and a LARGE tupperware container of clothes. Its wonderful for me because I dont care for shopping for girl clothes, so it gives me even more reasons to buy boy clothes!
Not only did we visit Carmen and the family, we got to visit Craig's Uncle Greg and Aunt Marge. They are so great to spend time with. For me I think I enjoy it more because they are outsiders looking into Craig's family too, so I feel like I can relate to them better. The visit was too short but they are coming for Thanksgiving so that will be nice. We also had dinner one night with the Pease family, and lunch with our Pastor Rob. We got to do our "yearly" marriage check up, the results are good. But its just nice to have that reassurance.
Overall we got to relax alot, but at the same time had no time to relax trying to meet up with everyone.
What will be interesting is thinking about the next trip it wont just be Craig and I and the dogs but Craig and I and the babies-most likely not the dogs. Royce is getting a little too old for the trip and he gets stiff. Cooper on the other hand can handle it but he is so senstive with his allergies that he is sick nearly a week after returning.