Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Strongest Moms in the world

   I just want to put down what is on my heart lately.

   In lieu of Mother's Day last weekend I really thought about Mom's.
   Because my kids are still so little, its more of like an anniversary or birthday becuase its the dad's that do everything. Yes, its odd but I was so happy that there wasn't much going on. I feel like although I am a Mom and a lot comes with that, a day right now is more to celebrate and thank my children for allowing me to be a mom.

   There are so many women out there who want to be a mom, and cant, mothers who dont get to hold their trophies, mom's who never got to meet their children, etc.
I know being a mom is a tough job, but I feel like my job is very easy compared to a large portion of women and on days like Mother's Days I just want to take time out to be thankful for what God has given me.

   Mothers take on a job they have no training for, dont know what to expect, have no idea what your body will do, especially your hormones. For some battling the body is a hard enough task, let alone trying to protect a baby that you have no control over. And that is just the small battle before your child arrives. You read all the books you can, you deal with strangers touching you, giving you unwanted advice, looks, comments, and everything any between. Then if you are fortunate enough to get to deliver your baby a whole new load of challenges come into play.

   I have to say if someone placed a help wanted ad in the paper for all the jobs a mom had to do, I dont think very many people would apply, and the biggest difference is that a help wanted ad is offering to pay you, but as a mom you end of paying them, yet you love every second of it.

   With all the choices a mother has to make; breast feed, bottle feed, nature vs nurture. I would not trade a single one for some of the things that other mothers out there have to live with, and the biggest difference is they didn't get a choice.

   To my Mom's out there who never got to hold your babies, or ones who only had days to love on them, or months to enjoy them or even years but were taken too soon.

   The mothers who dont have their "trophies" to show for their achievements are the ones that deserve the biggest trophies of all.
   Some say a child is never really yours, they are on loan from God.
   It breaks my heart that mothers dont get to have their babies and I appreciate every second of every day that I can hold my kids, but also every second of every day I think about the mom's who dont get those chances, and a part of me hugs and kisses my kids a little harder and more for them.

   I just want to say to all Mom's who have lost a child pre or post birth, you are the most amazing women to me and I admire your strength and ability to continue to be successful in life.

   If you have a woman you know that has experienced this please take a moment to tell them how much you appreciate and love them and admire their strength.

 I LOVE all my MOMS!

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  1. Jo--this made me cry esp the last part--I always try to think about my kids that didnt come full term and love 'her' very much.. Thanks for being such a great mom..