Tuesday, May 22, 2012

It was meant to be

   About August/September of 2011 I sat down with the Hubs and asked him to really think about what he wanted to do. Did he want to donate to our clinic and be done? Or continue with finding a couple. To my suprise he wanted to go through with finding a couple. Sounded great except he wanted to find a couple that would have slim to no chance to carry the kids. That was very difficult for me to handle and I took about a month to really pray about the direction we should take, and at the end of September I decided that I would no longer look into couple that contacted me but would search profiles myself and find ones that I liked and contact them.

~Yes I know Craig didn't want that but after we really prayed about it for weeks we both knew we needed a healthy young couple~

   I was roughly a week into my search when I got an email from a couple. Like I had said I was not going to entertain couples contacting us but for some reason the names and pictures looked familar. I didn't put much stake in it because I had been through so many profiles. So I just let it sit in my inbox and the next day I was looking over my chosen profile list and they were on it.

   Immediately I was like, yeah.... I liked them, but I needed to ask questions.

   In search for a "suitable" couple you have to be respectful of peoples personal information, and you dont just flat out ask why they are doing embryo adoption especially since they tried numerous fertility treatments without success. And you especially dont ask those questions in your first contact.

   I emailed the couple back, just letting them know we had not found a match yet, and I can remember the email I got back and it nearly brought me to tears. Tears of joy and relief and sadness, because she offered up all the "unspoken" information.

 **I will be having her tell her side of the story soon**

   All I can say is that we just fit, in so many ways. Our likes, dislikes, passions, faith, roles, etc. And what was an added bonus was that they had recently adopted a beautiful baby girl March of 2011, and they are foster/adopt family in the State of Texas, so they had a lawyer who was familar with adoption and embryo adoption/donation and made things very quick and easy.

   Long story short, and yes we will go into detail about the whole event, February 2012 the snowflakes had a new, loving, happy home.

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