Tuesday, April 10, 2012


So I realize that I have not posted in roughly 6 months. yikes. I am not sure why blogging does not come that easily for me. I love writing and I think putting things on paper, or computer, helps me sort thoughts out.
I have decided that I am recommiting myself to blogging. Not only for myself but there are so many things in life thats happening that I want share with others.
Just a few points I will be getting to in the next few posts....
-Twins birthday
-superbowl/hubs bday
-and Embryos

Although most of these topics seem typical, not so much. Its more thoughts, philosophy, etc.
Also I am extremely excited about embryo updates. I will be having a guest blogger to help shed light on the topic as well.
and in general I want this to be a blog that people can review and learn something new, or have a different perspective on things.
STAY TUNED........

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